How do I make a reservation?

To make a reservation determine the number of players you will have in your group. Contact All Starr Paintball at (508) 731-6300. At the time you make a reservation you will need to provide a deposit of at least one-half of the field fee for your group. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Deposits can be made by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or Discover) or cash at All Starr Paintball North Oxford, MA. The balance of your field fee will be due prior to starting your paintball party.

What do you provide for Parties?

Airsoft and Paintball Parties make for an exciting and highly memorable birthday gathering, special occasion or team-building exercise.  We offer Tents and Tables and we have a full refrigerator and freezer for cake and ice cream.  We now also offer Pizza Delivery at our location!

What about the weather?

We play in the pouring rain or in the warmth of the sunshine. Either way prepare to ball out.

Age Limits?

Participants must be at least 10 years old (or at least 8 years for Splatball Mania).   Again, participants who are under 18 require parental/guardian signatures on their waivers.

What paperwork is required?

Every player must have signed a waiver and the waiver must also be signed by the player’s parent or legal guardian for players who are under 18.

What do players wear?

You can play in any comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear - keeping in mind that play may involve running through woods or crawling on the ground. Even in warm weather, most players wear long sleeve shirts and trousers (rather than shorts) for the protection that the clothing provides. You will also find that many players wear camouflage clothing to aid in concealment. Players can also wear other protective clothing i.e., chest protector, athletic supporter, gloves. You may also find that bug repellant helps during warmer weather.

May I bring/use alchohol?

Sorry, but no alcohol or drugs are allowed at the field. Anyone assumed or is under the influence will be asked to leave the premisis.

What about safety?

Paintball is a safe sport if safety rules are understood and followed. As part of your event at All Starr Paintball you will receive a safety briefing and orientation. Among the most important things to remember are:
1. Always wear your mask when you are not in the staging area.
2. Always have the barrel sleeve on the gun when you are in the staging area or whenever anyone does not have their mask on.
3. Always treat your paintball gun as if it is a real firearm and as if it is loaded. Don’t point it at anything you wouldn’t want to shoot.

Does it hurt?

Yes, it does. Many say it is the equivalent of a pinch or a sting. You can expect that, if you are hit, a bruise may develop. The force of the impact is, of course, dependent on the distance from the opposing player, the velocity of the paintball and any protective clothing you are wearing. One of the rules we use at All Starr is that if you are too close to your opponent, you must first ask for their surrender.

Field Paint Only

All Starr Paintball is a FPO (Field Paint Only) Facility – You may only use paint that you buy at the field.
Will they stain? 
Paintballs generally will not stain clothing. Wash any painted clothing soon after being hit, and do not trust paint on delicate fabrics for the small fibers may stain.

What is a paintball?

A paintball is a gelatin capsule (like a gelcap for medicine) that is filled with fish oil, water and a dye for color. Standard paintballs are .68 caliber. They are non-toxic and environmentally degradable.

How are the guns powered?

Paintball guns use either CO2 (Carbon Dioxide, an inert gas) or compressed air. We provide unlimited CO2 for the day. With advanced notice we also offer compressed air for players who bring their own equipment and need compressed air to power their guns.

What do I need to play?

The basics are the paintball gun with ammo hopper, paintball mask, barrel sleeve, CO2 tank and an ammo pack with plastic tubes called pods. All of these are provided at All Starr Paintball. We provide BT 4 guns. These are great semi automatic guns and are noted for being tough and dependable.

What is paintball?

Paintball is a heart pounding action sport requiring every ounce of your ability, strength, patience and courage. You face off against other players using your skill, wits and firepower to defeat your foes. Your equipment includes a paintball marker with which you mark opposing players eliminating them from the game and achieving your team’s objective.

Why Allstarr Paintball & Airsoft?

All Starr Paintball specializes in paintball parties. Paintball parties are our main business and we do our best to make your party special and unforgettable. Because we specialize in paintball parties, unlike some other fields, you will not be mixed in with whoever is playing that day. You will be playing with your own group on your own private field.

How do the games work?

We normally divide the group into two teams and play a variety of games each lasting 15-30 minutes long. A simple game might be a capture the flag game where each team starts at opposite ends of the field. Each team’s goal is to capture the flag which is at the center of the field and put it into the opponent’s base. If any player is hit with a paintball they are eliminated. After the first 15 minutes any players who were eliminated are “recycled” that is, they are put back in the game (so no one sits out for very long). The complexity of games is only limited by the imagination of the players.